How to Give

The Grace Care Center (GCC) faces an issue that we believe donors can help alleviate. GCC currently serves on average 600 families each week, which represents more than 2,100 individuals. GCC is open three days each week, but we have been operating at maximum capacity for more than a year. The physical space may not be easily expanded, and we have maximized our efficiencies without compromising the relational aspect of the GCC.

Percentage of People Food Insecure:

(as reported by Feeding America at

Marion County

Hamilton County

That means there are more than 200,000 food insecure individuals living in our own front yard (Marion and Hamilton counties). These children and families lack reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.

Would you help make a difference today?

Your investment would be a catalyst for GCC to expand in three vital areas:

Expand to an additional two-hour shift every week.

Expand the 146th Street location to a larger footprint.

Expand and develop our new Care Center location at the North Indy campus.